Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Lady's Nursery Pics

When we were deciding on nursery themes, I knew I wanted a pink and green theme for our little girl. I adore pink and green together!! I found bedding I really liked and everything went from there. Her theme is love birds. I love white furniture for girls so we bought the exact same furniture our son has, but in white. We had a hard time deciding between painting the walls pink vs green, but after seeing everything in the room, I'm definitely glad we went with the green!

Her changing table has become an overflow of blankets, diaper bag, and other random baby items, so don't pay too much attention to it :) I found stickers for her wall at H.ome Goods on a random trip there. I was looking for something completely not related to baby items, but couldn't pass these up! The letters that spell our her name are a white wood (I blurred them out for the time being).
Everything I have read in twins books says not to get a rocking chair because it is too small for holding/nursing twins. Books suggested a futon, daybed, double wide chair or loveseat. We opted for the loveseat option. We'll see how it works... Depending on how breastfeeding goes, we may purchase a rocker for our son's room.

As far as other baby items go, we
registered/purchased one of all the big items (swing, Pack N Play, bouncer, play mat etc.). We're going to see what we use the most and if we need two of something we'll purchase it later. (Thank goodness for free shipping from T.arget!!) The only thing we purchased two of were the Rock 'n Play sleepers. We registered for one (and received it), but after speaking with moms and reading the reviews on A.mazon and T.arget, we decided to buy another one. Check them out if you haven't already. Everyone says they are a MUST HAVE and they are affordable at $50. I also received a very useful tip from a stranger at BRU while shopping. My husband and I were discussing over the door organizers for the kid's closets to store all the little items (extra diaper rash creme, thermometers, hair bows, rattles, shoes etc.) and a lady told me to pick up a clear over the door shoe holder from W.almart. I picked up two and I LOVE them!! They cost only about $7 (compared to $25+ from the baby store) and they are clear instead of fabric. This makes organizing and finding the items much easier. Thank you random stranger! Great advice!!

Now on to the items I made!! I found these birds, but obviously the colors were all wrong. I painted them and added some flowers and hung them on the wall.

I bought some plain wood bird houses and painted them. I couldn't stop there so I added ribbon, flowers and birds as well. I had my mom pick up a few more birds like the one on the middle shelf, so I'll add those to the shelves/dresser later. Surprisingly, I had a hard time finding small birds in stores!!

I spruced up a plain pink lamp shade as well. Finally, the window seat is made of a white wood. I love the extra storage, but it needed something! My mom and grandma went shopping to pick out fabrics to make a seat cushion. The cushion is currently under construction, but here is a photo of what it currently looks like. My grandma is very talented when it comes to sewing and I absolutely love how this cushion looks!! What would we do without mothers and grandmothers? They are the best!!!
Although we have two nurseries set up, we're planning on keeping the babies together after we bring them home. We have no idea how long they can stay together in the same crib/room, but once it quits working, we'll move them apart. That's the little girl's room! I'm thankful that the rooms are both finally done. It seemed like a never ending to do list for a while...


Jules said...

Oooh good tip, stranger! Love the birdhouses the best! Are you going to try to tandem breastfeed?

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Sooooo adorable!!! I LOVE pink and green!

robin said...

So cute! But wow I can't believe you have TWO nurseries! That is a lot of rooms for babies! :D

Amber said...

Thank you!! I'm planning on tandem breastfeeding. I think I'll feel like a dairy cow, but if I do one at a time I'll be feeding constantly so I don't think I have a choice. I'm also planning on pumping to build up my supply so hopefully we can switch over to bottles for some feedings eventually. Are you breastfeeding?

Mrs. F said...

Love the nursery! It is soooo cute!