Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 33: Grow Baby Grow!

After our MFM appointment yesterday, I was under the impression that everything looked fine... I got a phone call from Dr. W this morning. She told me she was writing up the report about our visit yesterday and forgot to mention a few things. She recommended weekly monitoring from here on out and a repeat growth scan in 1-2 weeks. Done and done. She also said they wanted to keep an eye on baby boy because he's still measuring smaller than they'd like. Hmm...I didn't think they were concerned about his size... Turns out they are. It's nothing immediately alarming, but it will be interesting to see where we go in the next few weeks. If he doesn't start growing we're going to be having these babies sooner rather than later. My new motto for the next two weeks: grow baby grow!!

I mentioned in my earlier post that I went grocery shopping yesterday. Why are so many items located low on the shelves? I had to bend over to get two cans of tuna from the bottom and of course I dropped one in the process. Huge pregnant lady bending over to pick up tuna..I should have had one of those beeper noises on me like when trucks back up. It was quite the task. I don't know if I'll venture out on a solo grocery shopping trip really took it out of me.

Driving has also gotten dangerous for me. I wouldn't recommend riding in the car with me anywhere. One of our cars has the electronic seat mover levers. Simple. The other has the old fashion you move yourself levers located under the seat. Well, I'm so big I can't properly bend over to reach the manual lever to move myself up an adequate amount of space. My belly is also starting to get quite close to the steering wheel. I'm afra
id in another week or two I won't even be able to fit behind the wheel! Turning to check blind spots on the interstate is another awkward and difficult maneuver. Whenever we go anywhere, the husband drives.

We are completely and utterly done with the nurseries. My next post will be about the nurseries:) I'm excited to show them off! We have the baby items packed for the hospital along with the electronics and toiletries. I only have so many clothing items I can wear, so I'll have to pack them before we head out the door to go to the hospital.

We attended a breastfeeding class at a local hospital this week. I wasn't sure what to expect. It started out hokey-a video about all the benefits of breastfeeding and then further discussing the benefits. It was a little too sales pitchy for my liking. However, once we got passed that portion, I found it to be extremely useful. I learned a lot and feel quite confident moving forward with breastfeeding. We got useful handouts, a book and the pager number of the instructor (she said she'll answer all pages before 8 p.m.). I'm ready to tackle breastfeeding. My feet, ankles and calves (yes my calves have now joined the swelling party) swelled so much in the first half of the class that one of the instructors insisted I put them up on a chair. She also bestowed several 'bless your heart' comments on me. Oh how I love the South!!

A few ladies I work with at one of the hospitals I work at stopped by yesterday with baby gifts. It was great to hang out and catch up. They brought some adorable outfits, blankets and the much needed diapers!! We have about 550 diapers at the moment...I wonder if that will get us through the first month?! I don't work at that hospital much, so it was very thoughtful of them to think of us. Collin is having a cupcake baby party today at work. It's incredibly nice that his co-workers organized a get together for him. Yum...cupcakes!!

Today is the kick off of week 34!! My goal this entire pregnancy has been to make it to 36 weeks so I'm a mere 2 weeks away. Let's hope baby boy hits a growth spurt!!

Coming up we have weekly OB appointments from here on out. We also have absolutely nothing to get done this weekend for the first time in months!! I'm looking forward to drinking an endless supply of ice water, kicking up my feet and watching movies. It will feel strange to not have something on the never ending to do list to accomplish, but honestly, we have nothing left to do. What a concept. Nothing. Unless you can think of something I missed??


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Grow Baby GROW! I love it! How fun a cupcake party! I want a cupcake party! That's kinda scary about driving! lol! I. Cant. Wait. to see their nursery! 2 more weeks you can do it! :) have a lovely weekend!

Jules said...

Oh my God! It just hit me right now how close you are! Come on baby, grow grow grow! Can't wait to see the nursery pics. We have to start the room together like yesterday -- it's so hard when you've been used to it being an office for YEARS.

MaryMargaret said...

Alright little man- ready, set, GROW! You are doing so great- only 2 more weeks to your goal! Quite the accomplishment. I've been behind on blog-checking and am so, so glad to read that everything is going swimmingly (minus the growth issues!).

Charlotte said...

Oh, am I jealous of your totally finished nurseries. Ours is a jumble of various furniture and baby equipment and at this point I'm just closing the door on it so I don't have to see it and stress out. So glad that things are going well and I will keep little boy in my thoughts for some extra growing mojo!