Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Name Game

Lately, the question of choice I've been fielding from friends and strangers has to do with names. Everyone wants to know what we're naming the babies. When I say we haven't decided on names, people ask what names we are considering. I can't seem to escape what I have dubbed the name game.

Here's my thoughts on names: We told everyone the sexes of the babies, but we want there to be some kind of surprise element when it comes to the birth of our children so we're not sharing the names. Also, we haven't decided on names yet. We're probably 75% decided on the girl's name, but the boy's name is completely up in the air at this point. Since we aren't firm on name choices, I don't want to share any of the names we are even considering. Why? Everyone has an opinion they are more than willing to share. Normally, I don't mind this, but I don't want other people's opinions overshadowing our name choices. I want to pick out the names without other people's opinions dancing around in my head while I'm trying to decide what I like.

I don't know if we can pick out names before meeting the babies either. I think it would be nice to meet these tiny humans that have been growing since January before we decide what we will forever call them. What if we pick out the name Piper for baby girl, but she looks nothing like a Piper when she comes out? **BTW-I LOVE the name Piper, but C does not concur so we're not considering it.**

One more thought on names. Picking out names was easier before we got pregnant. I'd hear a name and think 'Oh I like that name.' Now that I'm actually naming real people instead of my 'someday' babies, it's a lot more difficult than I thought it would be! I think boy's names are especially difficult. It seems like you have more liberty to be creative with girl's names.

I keep joking that we'll just have two juniors coming in less than two months because we are struggling to pick out names we both like. Are we making this more difficult than it actually is? Has anyone else found this to be a tricky task?

A friend of mine posted this article: American Baby Names Are Somehow Getting Even Worse and I found it hilarious. Honestly, I laughed out loud like a crazy lady while reading it. This is exactly what we are trying to avoid!

The Name Game. Not so easy to play...


Jules said...

We have 1 boy name that we both really like and are struggling to find a good name for the 2nd boy. We are also waiting until they are born to fully decide, so we'll go in with a bunch of possible arrangements of firsts and middles and see what matches them best. I saw that article -- hilarious!

a miracle 4 us said...

that is what we are doing!! Conceiving wasn't a surprise (well it was, but you know), everyone knows its a girl, so bam....the name will be a surprise! That was Chris's request and I am good with it. However, we still haven't decided...hmmmm
the new/other blog is
glad you are doing so well!

robin said...

We had a girl's name picked out pretty quickly but the boy's name we have really struggled with. At one point we felt settled on a name for him but as I got to know him better in the uterus I just didn't think it fit him anymore. We're still not 100% on a name... it's hard! Luckily most people we know also know the tradition not to name a child until 8 days after birth so MOST people don't ask us about names yet.

(PS: hi! Found you through Jules / Road Less Traveled! I'm also having boy/girl twins!)

Charlotte said...

I totally agree about not telling anyone your name choice ahead of time... I mean, realistically, what are you going to do if people wrinkle their noses and say "I don't like it"? Just respond "Okey dokey, guess we'll have to change it now"? Right. And if you liked that article I also recommend browsing the polls at Baby Name Genie... you'll be amazed at what people come up with!