Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Man's Nursery Pics

I wanted to get this posted yesterday, but our internet went out and I spent over an hour on the phone with someone from another country I could barely understand trying to get it set up again. We have an iMac and the guy only knew how to reset PC's apparently...he ended up telling me to call Apple. Umm..what?! Thankfully my husband came home and had it up and running within two minutes! Go C!!

I've also had a new pain issue thing going on. Whenever I walk around I'm having a moderate pain on my right side continuously. I sit for a while and it eases away, but the minute I'm back on my feet, bam! It's back!! I have googled the crap out of it and the only thing I can figure out about the pain is that it's false labor and the real thing may not be far away! If anyone has any advice or experience on this please share!! I have an OB appointment tomorrow so I'll discuss it with her. In the meantime I am being a complete slug on the couch. I'm incredibly uncomfortable and the pain kind of freaks me out. The closer I get to labor the more worried I get. It doesn't help that my dreams at night are non-stop baby/labor filled!

Let's get down to business!!! Our theme for the little man's nursery is barn yard. It's meaningful because my husband's grandparents and several uncles/aunts farm in South Dakota. They have the seriously huge kind of farm that stretches as far as the eye can see. All the roads are gravel. Yes, it's like going back in time. The town they live near accepts I.O.U's at the grocery store!! Anyway, he spent a lot of time there as a kid so it seemed like a perfect theme for our son's nursery.

We wanted to stay away from all the typical sports, nautical, jungle etc. themes. Alt
hough this was a different kind of theme, it was difficult to find accessories to go along with it!! I had to put my Martha Stewart hat on and be creative.

Obviously, our little guy's name is above his crib, but I blurred it out for the time being. We did find letters that looked like old barn wood, so they fit in perfectly. The big barn in the corner is my husband's from when he was little. His mom was kind enough to bring it down along with all the animal accessories. I know our son will LOVE playing with it once he gets old enough. I found the barn themed wall stickers on Am.azon.

Now that you've seen the overview of the room, I want to talk about the items I made.
First, I found these letters and wood board at H.obby Lobby. I painted them all and added the animals to make the farm sign that is above the changing table.

I also found a plain wooden barn that needed to be painted. I painted it and added the fence and extra animals. This is what is located on the bookshelf. The
bookshelf is empty at the moment, but my parents are
bringing us a bunch of books!
Next, I took a plain blue lamp shade and spruced it up a bit. I used the chickens from the little guy's bedding to make chickens to apply to the lamp. I also added a decorative farm ribbon to top it off.

Finally, I made two farm pictures and framed them to hang above the book shelf. I used scrap booking paper to create these two photos. The tractor I saw on H.GTV on an episode of H.ouse Hunters; a similar picture hung on the wall of a boy's room and I made my own version. The chicken picture I made up; I used chickens from the wall stickers as inspiration. These took a long time to make, but they are my favorite pieces in the room!

There you have it-the little man's barn yard room!! I really enjoyed making all the items for his room. It kept me busy when I stopped working and still had energy. I can't imagine doing any decorating right now so I'm definitely glad they are done!!

This post is plenty long, so I'll post pictures from the little girl's room later. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak of our son's room!


Jules said...

I love the farm theme!!! So cute! Did part of your post get cut off?

Amber said...

I accidentally hit post before I was ready!! I finished it up so it's all there now :) Thank you!!!!

Jules said...

We have pet insurance with PetPlan (gopetplan.com). I get a discount through my office but I think if you sign up online it's the same discount (something like 10%). The insurance only works if there's an injury or medical problem like cancer. It doesn't cover routine visits or shots. And you have to pay up front for services but they are very good about reimbursing you within 2 weeks or so. It costs us about $25 per month and we have a $200 deductible per incident with 80% coverage after deductible. They have a bunch of different plans -- I picked one on the lower end. I'm really glad we got it -- totally worth it for major things like this.

robin said...

So cute!! Funny that you had a hard time finding barnyard stuff! I guess most things with animals for babies are zoo or jungle safari or ocean, not so much barn. You've done a great job with it!!

Amber said...

Thanks for the insurance info Jules! I appreciate it! I'm going to check it out.

Robin-thank you!! I thought barn yard items wouldn't be that difficult to find either! You are right, there are a ton of animal items for babies, but not a lot of the barn yard variety. Thanks for the compliment!!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

How did I miss this!!!! So So So cute!! I love little barn yard stuff! not much longer till your little ones meet their rooms! :)