Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DVT and Labor False Alarms

It's been a wild week for us!! First, I had a routine OB appointment last week Wednesday. Fluid and heart beats looked superb via ultrasound and babies were 'breathing' away. My edema is outrageous. We talked about birth options at length. Simply because I'm carrying twins I can choose to have a c-section no questions asked. (I didn't know this) BUT, both babies remain head down and, call me crazy, but if they remain this way I'm going to try for a vaginal delivery. We covered possible complications (baby B flipping, breech extraction, etc.), but I want to at least try for vaginal. Are the odds stacked against me that this will work and go off without a hitch? Definitely. Do I want to avoid surgery? Definitely. We're at an advantage for a vaginal, according to my OB, because Baby A is the larger of the babies and this should make it easier for Baby B to slide on out. Sure, there are complications that could arise, but isn't that life? Other twin mama's out there...what's your take on the birth? Am I insane?

From the mundane to the exciting we go...Friday my husband came home over lunch and commented that my right leg was quite swollen. I can't see my legs so he snapped a photo for me and BAM! It was huge!!! Overnight my right leg had swollen to 1.5-2 times the size of my left leg. Talk about looking like a freak... It was also warm and painful to touch. I immediately starting thinking DVT, but figured I may be over reacting so I placed a call in to my OB. I got a call back immediately and was told to head straight in to the hospital for lower extremity dopplers to rule out DVT's.

I waddled my way in on Friday afternoon panicking about DVT's and PE's...I had a lot of scenarios running through my head. I asked the tech to please tell me if he saw anything unusual rather than making me wait for a call from the OB; thank goodness he obliged. He scanned both legs and both were DVT free. Crisis averted. I just had a seriously unfortunate case of edema.

Crisis one done. On to crisis two. I have been having an increase in cramps/pain (not what I'd really call contractions, just an annoying uncomfortable constant period-like feeling whenever I'm mobile..which, let's face it, I spend as much time on the couch with my feet up as I can, but that's beside the point). Over the weekend I started to experience nausea/vomiting, upset stomach with a side of diarrhea. I ate antacid pills like they were candy. I also started to experience lower back pain on Sunday night. I was so uncomfortable Sunday I decided to simply go to bed because I was tired of feeling so crummy.

I woke up at 1:15 am with damp underwear and pajamas. I woke up the husband and informed him of the situation. Had my water broke? It wasn't a lot of wetness, so I was unclear what it was and I wasn't having any contractions. We talked it over and decided to go back to sleep. I changed clothes while the hubs rolled over and started snoring instantly (yeah so that's a bit of an exaggeration perhaps...), but I laid in bed slightly panicking and analyzing every twinge and feeling. A few hours later I woke up to a similar situation; although dampness was present it wasn't as damp as earlier. Still no contractions. We both hopped on Google and found that water can slowly leak rather than break. So maybe that was it? Back into a fitful sleep we both went. Around 7 am we both got up and started getting ready/packing. I placed a call in to the on call OB and she said to come on in to L&D with bags packed to determine what was going on.

We went in about an hour later and I got placed on the monitors. The OB used a speculum and had me cough to see if any water was leaking. This hurt like a mother f%^&er, but came out negative. She swabbed my cervix to see if there was any fluid present. Negative. She thought maybe I had a UTI and had peed myself so she tested my urine. Negative. (I knew I didn't pee myself...I'm not stupid!)

According to the monitors I was having a lot of false contractions, but nothing to show I was in labor. I had an ultrasound and both babies had plenty of fluid present. The OB checked my cervix and I was only a fingertip dilated (first time I've had this done and it also hurt like a mother f%^&er). Do these things hurt this bad or was this OB just rough? I'm not sure, but both were quite unpleasant. It was determined I was not in labor. So why the fluid? Apparently, it could have stemmed from an extremely small leak that is too small to detect or it was just an unusual amount of drainage. It was not significant and the babies were fine so home we went.

I had an OB appointment today and I'll write about that later...it was much less exciting than what we've been doing the last few days. Today I'm at 35w4d and I'm more than ready to have these babies. It's such a weird feeling to be sitting around waiting for something to happen...


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Oh my goodness what an eventful weekend! Thank god your leg was okay! and I would have been full of nerves when they said come to L&D with bags packed! You are soooo close to meeting your little ones! and I can't wait to see pictures! :D

S said...

Glad you are doing OK. I'll bet you're more than ready to deliver!

Re the c-section vs. vaginal delivery question, I remember reading when I was pregnant with my twins that, statistically speaking, 32% of twins are delivered vaginally, the rest via c-section.

Twiniversity posed the question of how members' twins were delivered on their Facebook page recently, and that informal poll had 23 vaginal deliveries of both, 4 deliveries where one twin was delivered vaginally and the other required a c-section, and 52 c-sections.

Vaginal delivery was never an option for me, because Twin A was breech from about 28 weeks on, but my OB gave me the same choice earlier on and in my pregnancy and the same information as yours. If they are both head-down and Twin A is larger, a vaginal delivery is totally doable.

robin said...

Go for the vaginal delivery! I would be your cheerleader if I could! I wanted a vaginal twin delivery but not only is my Baby A breech but Baby B is the bigger one. We're still hoping Baby A will turn around but it's not looking likely.

Cervical checks hurt like hell if the OB is rough. I had one recently (when I was sent to L&D when everyone was freaking out) and it hurt so freaking bad, plus it made me bleed. When he came back in to check again I was like ... PLEASE BE MORE GENTLE THIS TIME, YOU REALLY HURT ME. They don't HAVE to hurt, and they don't HAVE to make your cervix bleed. I had five cervix checks the weekend I was admitted to the hospital, and only the first one hurt, the others were just really uncomfortable. I told the doctor every time before they did it that they needed to be really gentle because my cervix bleeds. Maybe reminding them to be gentle also reminded them that I'm a human being who doesn't like someone just scraping around willy nilly up there. I had three different doctors do the checks and even if I had seen them before I reminded them to be gentle.

I'm glad in the end you neither have DVT nor are in labor! Phew!!

Jules said...

Totally go for the vag delivery! I've heard that the recovery is SO MUCH EASIER and there's less blood loss during delivery. With both babies head down, you are in a really good place right now. As for cervical checks, when my lovely female OB does it it doesn't hurt at all, but when that substitute male OB did it it REALLY hurt! Sorry to hear about all of your pains and false alarms. You are so close, it's got to be any day now!

Jill said...

I support your vaginally delivery wholeheartedly, wish it was an option for me. The C-section recovery was (is - since I'm still there) manageable, however pretty rough.

And yes, holy hell did those exams hurt and I had several by several different doctors. Each one hurt.

I'm glad to hear you didn't have a DVT and didn't have real labor yet. You are a rock star!

Mrs. F said...

What a crazy weekend. Glad your bags are packed for the hospital. It sounds as if those babies will be here before we know it!

Charlotte said...

I am thrilled that you didn't have a DVT although a tiny part of me wishes we could have been DVT twins! :-) So glad everything is stable for the moment and I hope you do get to attempt the vaginal delivery you want.

Amber said...

@Alexis-The 'bags packed' comment definitely raised the anxiety level!!

Thank you all for the advice on the delivery. I guess we'll see what happens when the time comes, but you all helped me feel more confident it going for vaginal if that is still an option.

I'm glad I'm not a wuss when it comes to the cervical checks...I'll have to request a more gentle technique next time.