Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eleven Pounds of Baby!!

First, thank you to everyone who responded to my last post!! I appreciate the feedback. It helps a lot!!

Every OB appointment seems to be getting more and more stressful as we near the end. It doesn't help that my OB, whom is also expecting twins, is chronically behind on her schedule lately so the wait time helps add to the nervousness. I'm blaming her slow down on her twins, because it's impossible to keep up at the same pace, but it still does not help my anxiety.

We went in yesterday knowing we'd get a growth scan on the babies. Since we went to the MFM and there was some concern over our little guy, we were very anxious to see how his growth had progressed. Our girl was weighing in at 5 lb 13 oz and our boy was weighing in at 5 lb 1 oz. He's still smaller, but both of the babies gained about 300 grams since their last scan two weeks ago. Since they are gaining consistently, our OB did not see any problems with our son's growth. Whew...what a relief!! Once I realized both babies were growing adequately, it hit me that I'm carrying nearly 11 pounds of baby at the moment. ELEVEN POUNDS!! That is a lot of baby!! Yikes!

We are blessed to be carrying boy girl twins that are healthy and I'm so thankful to have made it this far (currently 35w5d), but I have to vent for just a second. I am beyond uncomfortable! The babies seem to have dropped and my bump seems to be descending lower by the day. It's so low clothes cut uncomfortably into my belly and I can't wear most of my wardrobe anymore. I look like a derelict most of the time because I am aiming solely for comfort. Whenever I need to sit or bend, it feels like my lower belly may rip open. Do stretch marks cause pain? I haven't had a mark until the past week; now I have marks appearing on my lower belly and I don't know if this is what is making it so tender? It's painful to even get ultrasounds. It's such an odd feeling...

I know I dislike people complaining, so I'll stop. But, because of how I have been feeling, I urged my OB to set a date for my induction. Thinking back, I'm sure I sounded a tad whiney when I requested we set a date... I am a person that enjoys time frames and deadlines; I like to know what I'm working toward. I figured having a date would brighten up my overall mood and get me through this last stretch. The OB said she'd have to check with the MFM office to make sure they gave their stamp of approval on my induction, but she felt we could set it during 37 weeks. That's a week and a half away!! She did mention twice that she really didn't see me making it that long; she seemed to think this could happen at any time.

Based on how everything looks, the OB also felt that if the babies were born at any time between now and 37 weeks, they should be completely fine and healthy. She was pleased with their size and growth and didn't anticipate any issues. Of course, there is plenty that could go wrong, but I feel very comfortable knowing they should be fine entering the world at any time. That being said, I've said for a while Sept 6 was the day we'd be having babies. Well, that's tomorrow!! At lunch today, I informed the husband I'd be going in to labor tonight. I see it happening in the middle of the night for some reason...we'll see what happens!! Our cats (we have two) seem to think the changing tables and cribs are meant for them. I'm washing up bedding (again) and locking the cats out of the nurseries just in case the babies decide they are ready to come tonight.

A fellow blogger, Mrs. F, blogged about being vaccinated against whooping cough. Because of the recent outbreak of whooping cough, I got vaccinated last week and my husband got his vaccination a few weeks ago. The Midwest has a large outbreak of whooping cough and both our families live there so we asked they also get vaccinated before coming to visit and spending extended periods of time with the babies. It was slightly awkward asking family to get vaccinated, but everyone understood and got their shots. Our families are fabulous!! It's one less thing to worry about...

In other news, I now have two appointments a week! I didn't see that next appointment is Friday. I'm having a non-stress test done. I have no idea what to expect, so if anyone has any words of wisdom please share! We're also setting the date for this twin thing to go down at Friday's appointment...that is if I make it to Friday. I'm going into labor tonight ;)


Jill said...

That's a whole lot of baby! As for going into labor - two bites of pad thai worked for me ;) Best of luck staying comfortable, I can't imagine it.

AmbyLand said...

Are you nervous about the non stress test? All you have to is lay or sit there and enjoy listening to the babies. I loved NSTs

robin said...

Yeah NSTs are easy and nice. Just beware sometimes the dr / nurse might forget about you and you might be stuck for more than 20min. But all you do is sit there and listen to the babies for a while. :)

Eleven pounds of baby! So much baby!!! I am hoping to have a growth scan this week to see how big they are. I think they should be over 4lb by now, which I guess is smaller than your babies (I am almost at 34 weeks). Sometimes I have no idea how everyone fits in there! My belly has definitely dropped, but I actually know that my Baby A's butt has begun descending into my pelvis (two weeks ago it was at -2 station) which explains the drop. I haven't been able to wear normal bottoms in a long time, especially because if there is any pressure at all on my lower belly my baby starts kicking up a storm, the little diva. :P

Good luck! Maybe we'll be meeting the babies very soon!!!

Mrs. T said...

I remember my NST as being an opportunity to just sit and be still. It was heaven. The nurse dimmed the lights and put the monitor around my stomach. I actually fell asleep for a little bit. I do have one word of advice... make sure that the monitor stays snug against your stomach. There needs to be 20 straight mintues of monitoring, if the monitor slips off, back to zero!! And, that can make it take awhile.

Keep your feet up and put your bags by the front door!!

MaryMargaret said...

Comfort is definitely the name of the game this late with twins! You're not complaining- just stating facts. Being hugely pregnant with two fat little chunks of baby is a difficult task.

I'm in the minority, apparently- I hated my NSTs! We were doing twice DAILY monitoring for a hour each, and I got really uncomfortable laying on my back. Neither baby would stay on the monitor, because they flipped and flopped until the morning of my section. It made for a really long, crazy few hours. Hearing their little heartbeats was pretty awesome, though.

I'm sending you lots of labor vibes, and happy 36 weeks on Friday!

Jules said...

I hope this comment finds you with 2 snuggley babies in your arms! I also got my TDAP booster and a flu shot today. Gettin' r dun!