Thursday, January 31, 2013

4 Month Update

Well, everything in my blogging world has been put on hold this week. Our iMac blew up. No, it didn't literally blow up, but the hard drive took a dump. It froze on the load up screen and one trip to the Apple store later we were told about the hard drive. Thankfully we had JUST backed up or we would have lost everything. Yikes. That's a lot of pics! If you haven't backed up in a while, I'd highly recommend it.

Now that the babies are 4.5 months old, I'm finally getting around to their 4 month update. At their 4 month appointment Evan came in weighing a whopping 12 lb 13 oz (20th percentile) and was 24 1/4" (25th percentile). Previously he was in the 10th percentile for height. Our little guy grew about 1.5 inches this past month! Way to go Evan!! Ella came in at a petite 12 lb (20th) and 22 3/4" (5th). She's a little girl! The pound that separates them can be easily felt when picking them up. Ella puked on the pediatrician (way to go Ella!!) and both babies rolled over for the MD, but other than that the appointment was uneventful.

They started to notice one another and smile at each other. They also love to touch one another. They've done a little 'twin talking' to one another and it is so adorable. The first time they starting jabbering at one another in a different voice than we have never heard my heart about exploded. It made the hard work of being a twin mama pay off.

Four months has been my favorite month so far! I know it's just going to keep getting better and better. These babies are growing so fast!

I have so many updates I want to write!! Overall, I'm doing fairly well. There are still days I feel completely overwhelmed, but other days I feel like a twin mom rockstar. Hopefully the rockstar days will outnumber the overwhelmed days. We've had napping boot camp at our house the past two weeks and have seen amazing results (I have a post in the works regarding this; our computer took a dump while I was writing it.)

This was an anticlimactic post, but babies are waking up so I must run!!


Jules said...

Ohmigosh, now I'm REALLY excited about next month!!! They start to notice each other by 4 months?? YESSS!!! Can't wait for this. I think I'll try to put them side by side more often to move this along. Great weight checks too!

polycysticinside said...

Aw this sounds amazing! Our babies notice each other but aren't babbling and also aren't rolling yet. Also, thank you for posting about backing up, I just remembered I'd been meaning to do it and your post inspired me (backing up everything as we speak!).