Friday, October 28, 2011

A Tale of Two RE's

I got ready for my ultrasound appointment early and since I was nervous and giddy at the same time, I thought I'd focus my energy on writing a post rather than pace around the house for 30 minutes. So before I update on my ultrasound, I thought I'd explain why we're seeing two RE's in two different cities.
I landed in the hospital back in May '07 for an ileus. I had an abdominal CT done that gave me the diagnosis. From the CT, the doc discovered I had a dermoid cyst (Side creepy note-you're born with dermoid cysts. They are referred to as 'your lost twin' because they contain mature tissue that may include skin complete with hair follicles, hair, sebum, blood, fat, nails, teeth, cartilage, eyes, and other tissues. Doody told me mine had hair the same color as the hair on my head. Gross.) and also a septate uterine. Once I was discharged from the hospital, I was told to seek out an OB bc surgery was necessary to correct both of these conditions. Keep in mind, at this time, we had moved to Knoxville only 6 months earlier and were absolutely not trying for kids at the time. We were still working on careers and wanted kids once our careers were well established.
I picked an OB (I didn't have one yet in Knox) and went in for an appt. She recommended a specialist for the surgery due to where the cyst was; there was a moderate risk of losing my left ovary. It turns out, she had infertility problems and went to a RE in Knoxville, Dr. Doody, and she highly recommended him. It takes months to get in to have an appointment with Dr. Doody, but she graciously called him and made a personal referral on my behalf. I had an appointment in a few weeks.
Once I started seeing Dr. Doody, the rest is history. (Yup. Real name. Doody. Go ahead an laugh.) We've been seeing him since the summer of '07 and he's operated on my 3 times. First to remove the cyst (I was able to keep my ovary). When he did that surgery, he discovered I had severe endometriosis and was told I needed another surgery to correct it as well as the septate uterus. Once all of this was fixed, he asked when/if we were thinking about having kids. Doody caught us off guard with that question, because it wasn't on our radar for another few years. Due to the endometriosis, he recommended we should start thinking about kids, sooner rather then later, if it was something we wanted to pursue. Obviously, we thought it over and decided it was time to jump on the kid wagon! We had no idea it would take years!!! So, sad to say, we've never 'tried' having kids the old fashion way; we'd been diligently avoiding pregnancy since we got married via the pill. Our first attempt at getting pregnant included a month with Clomid and ovulation predictor tests. I often wonder what it feels like to be married, decide to have kids, throw out the pill and get after it! We'll never know what that's like....
All 'Doody' jokes aside, we both highly respect him as a physician and a person. He's understanding, patient and considerate. He's the kind of MD that takes you into his cozy office to have discussions rather then having them in a sterile exam room. He always takes his time and listens to all of your questions and concerns. We've always felt comfortable with him.
Although we were pregnant after our first injection/IUI cycle in Oct '09, it ended in a miscarriage and D&C. We did 2 IUI's after we scraped ourselves off the floor from that experience, but neither were successful. We had lightly discussed IVF with Dr. Doody following our miscarriage, but he felt confident with the one pregnancy (and correctable genetic issue), that we were sure to have success with another IUI.
Obviously this didn't happen, so we had a 'WTF meeting' with Dr. Doody to discuss IVF once and for all. Unfortunately, he does not specialize in IVF. Turns out there are no clinics in Knoxville that do. Who knew?! He had two recommendations of clinics in Chattanooga and Nashville. Then the research started... Nashville is about 2.5 hours from us and Chatt is 1.5 hrs. Advantage Chatt. Chatt is a new clinic, but, according to both Dr. Doody and Dr. Google, they are well on their way to becoming one of the best IVF clinics in the country. Advantage Chatt. Doody's office said they would work with us no matter which clinic we chose. We ended up choosing Tennessee Reproductive Medicine, the clinic in Chattanooga.
We've only had to go to Chatt 3 times so far; 2 more for the upcoming retrieval and transfer. I've been able to do all the monitoring and labs out of Doody's office in Knoxville. Both offices have been wonderful about coordinating schedules and information back and forth. Up to this point, I've been pleased with both clinics.
So anyway, that's the story of why we're running back and forth from Knoxville to Chattanooga and seeing two RE's in two different cities.

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