Friday, June 8, 2012

22 Week Update

Since I already wrote an update about my OB appointment earlier this week there isn't a lot to update on for my weekly update.

I'm feeling a lot of movement from the babies and it seems to be getting stronger with every day that passes. It's quite reassuring!!

I've been more uncomfortable this week and I think this is a trend that will intensify and stick around the next few months! I worked an 8 hour day shift yesterday and my back was not happy with me last night. I have a new urination schedule at night. I get up every 2 hours to pee. It doesn't fail...if we go to bed at 10 I'm up at 12, 2, 4 and 6. I've gotten to the point that I wake up within 15 minutes of the 2 hour mark. It's a nice little routine I have going on.

I've been craving in the shell peanuts this week. This is a food I'd never have unless I was at a MLB or NFL game, but I've had to purchase and consume peanuts. Yes, had to. I had no choice. I'm also craving popsicles, but since I have glucose testing coming up I opted for the sugar free pops.

For those of you expecting twins, you must read this to avoid sudden confusion in situations that will happen to you: I have concluded being pregnant with twins makes you a minor celebrity. Something comes over people when they see a pregnancy bump; they instantly want to ask you questions about the baby and become happy about your new addition. It's a lovely thing; I get doors opened for me all the time, smiles thrown my way for no apparent reason and notice people going out of their way to assist me.
However, once I say there are two babies, watch out!! Something comes over people when they hear 'twin's and they turn delirious!! Honestly, people will shout congratulatory remarks, feel the need to hug you, ask an onslaught of questions and simply be overjoyed to the point of hysteria by your news.
It's a strange phenomenon I have noticed. Once they inquire about the sex of the babies, I try to step back and/or take cover when I tell them we're having a boy and a girl because this news brings their delirium to an entirely new level. Just when you thought more shouting for joy could not be possible, it happens. The excitement mysteriously becomes multiplied! People lose their minds!! I don't know what to do amidst all the chaos, so I just smile and let the derangement run it's course. Eventually they will calm down to a manageable baseline level of jubilation and I can continue on my merry way.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it. It's just very odd to see just how much happiness a stranger can bestow upon you when you tell them you're not only having twins, but having boy girl twins. Maybe I get an extra dose of it because I work in hospitals and interact with a lot of people throughout the day. Once you're spending 5-10 minutes with a patient it's inevitable they inquire about the pregnancy bump.
Yesterday a patient had myself and a pregnant RN in his room at the same time; all three of us were chatting casually about pregnancy. Once the patient heard I was having twins he focused solely on me and the excitement level reached insanity; the poor RN got left in the dust.

I have reached the conclusion that according to the public, apparently everyone gets pregnant and has one baby. Sure, it's an exciting, but everyone does it. Not many people have twins so it's something to celebrate. I don't know what else could explain this phenomenon.

I was surrounded by twins yesterday at work (people had twins, were a twin or knew twins). Everyone kept telling me how wonderful twins were!! I met one patient's twin daughters and they shared a lot of wonderful twins stories. I may have become a bit delirious with happiness yesterday myself...but I'm allowed right?! Everyone else was doing it!


MaryMargaret said...

So true! Boy/Girl twins are like the holy grail of children- we hit the jackpot! I can't complain, because I completely agree. We are blessed beyond belief with this instant family. I'm so glad your babies are doing well. Good luck with your glucose tolerance test!

AJ said...

I work in the hospital too and I totally feel like a minor celebrity because of my twins and I totally agree that people get even more excited when they find out boy and girl. Its so fun!! We would be happy with any combination but we are thrilled with boy and girl. Any good nursery ideas?

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

haha this is so true! when I find out someone is having twins I get all crazy too! and boy/girl twins to boot! I love it! and your bump is just adorable! have a great weekend!

Jules said...

HAHAHA this is awesome. I am just starting to see the delirium of the public's reaction to twins, as I only recently started showing. I can't wait to see how the freak show unfolds! LOL!