Sunday, June 3, 2012

20/21 Week Update

I have been a horrible blogger... Life has gotten incredibly busy and I have not had the energy to keep up with all of life's demands the past few weeks. I'll try to fill you in without boring you too much...there's a lot to update on!

Here's what I've been up to:
Week 20 passed by without much excitement. I worked full time hours and was completely exhausted. We went out house hunting (again) with our realtor; our purpose was to view 4-5 homes in order to decide if we should lower the price on our home. We hadn't been able to find anything we like in the right location and the showings on our house had dried up. We were leaning toward staying put in our house for a few years because we don't want to move to a house we don't LOVE. Well, the last appt of the day was a house we absolutely fell in love with! It's everything we've been looking for and completely move in ready (we are not into fixer uppers). This sparked a lot of chaos in our house for the week...what do we do?! We ended up lowering our price in hopes to get the showings moving. Between the work and the stress of the house situation it was a long week. Pregnancy wise I felt great!

On to week 21! I wrapped up my full time work schedule in week 20; no more full time hours for this girl! It's too exhausting... I'm trying to keep between 25-30 hours for the time being. We'll see how I'm feeling and adjust again if necessary. My number one priority is a healthy pregnancy; that's my full time job right now.

I seem to have really popped this week don't you think? Everyone seems to say this and I agree.

My parents and grandma came to visit from Wisconsin from Thur-Mon. We took in the sights of our lovely town despite the 95 degree weather. We did a lot of shopping for the babies (thanks for all the great stuff!!) My Gma's birthday was on Sat and we had a wonderful day celebrating with her! She's a very special lady!! On Sun my family shocked me with a surprise baby shower!! It was wonderful to walk through a door and see lots of smiling faces looking at me. What a surprise!!! We played a few games, shared a lot of laughs and indulged on tasty food. The babies got spoiled by all the wonderful gifts people brought. My family spent weeks organizing the shower from Wisco and I am thrilled they took the time to make this special day for me. It was incredibly thoughtful and generous. What a fabulous day!! I adore my family!!

Aside from visiting with the fam, we also had 3 showings on the house in 2 days so we had to juggle that chaos with them. We're perfectionists when it comes to showings so we make the house look spotless every time. When you have 3 animals, shedding in spring, it's no easy task!! We did a lot of running back and forth from the house to my family's hotel shuffling the dog and cats around. Needless to say, by the time Monday rolled around and my fam hit the road for Wisco, I was beyond exhausted from all the weekend festivities. It was a perfect weekend and I am very thankful for all they did, but I needed sleep!! I slept on and off all day after they left!

The rest of the week consisted of work, showings and house stress. We visited the house we love again with my family over the weekend and decided we do indeed LOVE it and wanted it. Only problem, ours isn't sold yet. We had a lot to ponder: We have one couple who has looked at our house twice and is interested. We've had a lot of showings since the price drop. A relocation company has our new house listed so a contingent offer isn't acceptable. The couple living in the house we want were moving out this week and we figured this gave us good leverage. SO, after spread sheets on budget, we decided to take the risk and put in an offer. The offer process went fast; they countered, we countered and they accepted. As of Aug we will be in possession of not one, but TWO houses. While we made sure we could carry two mortgages, obviously this is not ideal (especially with TWO babies on the way). We're hopeful that our house will sell before then. Our new house is amazing and has TONS of space for the babies; it's about twice the size of our current house! Fingers crossed our house sells...and fast!!

I told you I've been busy!! As far as the pregnancy goes, I'm starting to get uncomfortable. I can't stand or sit for a long time without my feet and back aching. I'm most comfortable reclining on the couch or in a chair, but unfortunately I can't always sit like that! I started feeling the babies move around a lot in the past two weeks. This week they seem to move every time I sit still. I feel mostly baby girl on my right side because baby boy has an anterior placenta on my left. It's such a reassuring feeling. I'm constantly paranoid something wrong is going on, so to be able to feel movement makes me feel a lot more calm. I've had an increase in my appetite the past 2 weeks as well; I have to pack a snack when I go out or I'm bound to be left dizzy and lightheaded. I'm still up 3-5 times a night to pee. I've started to get mildly sore hips from sleeping as well; every time I get up to pee I have to stretch a little because they have cramps. I have no swelling, which is amazing, considered the sweltering temps I was out walking around in. When I get tired I get very grumpy; I found that out while my fam was visiting. I need a lot of sleep to stay happy! The baby shower was open gifts and see tons of baby items was dreamlike. I now look at all these items and have an enormous sense of needing/wanting to get a nursery together. I can't stop thinking about how badly I want to prepare for the babies. Is this nesting? Of course, because of the house situation, I am unable to do this and it makes me frustrated.

Our next OB appt is on Tue. We get an ultrasound and I cannot wait to see how much the babies have grown in 4 weeks!! I can certainly see their growth from the outside!!
In the meantime...we have more showings scheduled for this week already. I'm sick of cleaning this house!! Send some good vibes our way to get this house sold!!!
Until next time...and I promise it won't be two weeks :)


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

adorable bump!! Sending you lots of good luck with your house selling! When I was little my parents were building a house while trying to sell, they ended up burying St. Josephs all over the yard! lol! it work the house sold with in a week! I often wonder if those ever washed up all over the yard during a heavy down pour! lol

Charlotte said...

Hooray real estate! So much fun, right? :-) Best of luck on selling your current house and I hope you really enjoy the new one. We just moved and I have to say, even when a place is "move-in ready" it's just a staggering amount of work to get it up and running. Better to do it earlier rather than later in your pregnancy, for sure!

Jules said...

Good luck on selling the house! The new house sounds PERFECT! That surprise baby shower sounds amazing. What wonderful family you have!!!

Nichole said...

Hopefully, your home sells soon. It sounds like you are having great activity so that is a good sign.