Friday, April 20, 2012

15 Week Update

I have survived week 15. Yes, 15 weeks. I can't believe it myself. Every single day I am thankful!!
There is definitely no hiding twins...the bump is out there! I LOVE it though!!

I had an OB appointment this week. It was the most boring MD appointment I have had in years. I was weighed (I'm up 5 pounds!), had vitals checked, gave a urine and blood sample and answered questions asked by the OB. Heartbeats were checked via doppler. Unfortunately, they were able to get both without a problem so that meant no ultrasound for me. I've been very anxious to see the babies; I haven't had any luck sneaking in an ultrasound at work. The right people haven't been working nights so here I am, waiting... How do normal pregnant women do this? We've gotten extra ultrasounds because of IVF and the twins. I can't imagine the few and far between ultrasounds I'd have to endure if I just got knocked up by my husband the old fashion way. Anyway, everything checks out fine. Yup, fine. Everything, for once, is fine.

Life seems to be zooming by incredibly fast lately!! We have our house on the market and have been shopping for our new dream house. I've been struggling through 12 hour shifts. I'm completely exhausted after 9 hours and pray the last 3 don't contain any code blues. I've been stocking up on maternity clothes; I have come to despise Target's maternity clothing section. Nothing seems to fit. The pants are too long. The tops too tight in the chest (nothing has ever been too tight for me in the chest in my life). I ordered some tops from Old Navy today. I hope they fit because my regular tops are starting to get a bit tight.

I wrote a blog a while back about needing some tequila after walking our dog, here. We hung out with these people last week and met their adorable 10 week old baby. The guy who raved about how they tried a whopping 2 weeks to get pregnant with their baby will be referred to as Tool for the remainder of this story. While we were visiting with them, Tool continually stated how he feels sorry for us because we're having twins. He kept making statements similar to these: You are going to be so busy. I can't imagine how horrible two kids would be. Wow, good luck! I wouldn't want two kids; one is hard enough. You get the picture...He also reiterated how easy breezy it was for them to get pregnant. His wife, who is a sweet lady, kept saying how lucky they were to have it happen so fast. I kept glancing at my husband during these rants from Tool. I put on a nice face and smiled through everything. I really wanted to scream at him, "If you tried over 3.5 years to get pregnant you would be more than thrilled to be pregnant with two babies you jackass!!!" Tool is very lucky I was able to keep my hormonal self together. Ugh, the nerve of some people. When we came home, my husband had a Brandy Old Fashioned. I settled for a glass of Crystal Light.

I ordered a pillow this week. I went with the Sealy Sweet Pea 2 in 1. It doubles as a breast feeding pillow. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I think the bigger I get, the more comfortable it will be. I've been sleeping with it for half the night, but then it gets tossed out for a standard pillow. We'll see how it goes.

Our big gender reveal appointment is scheduled in 3 weeks. The OB told me I could come back in 3-4 weeks for the full anatomy scan. You better believe I scheduled it for 3 weeks. I CANNOT WAIT to find out the babies genders!!! Now we have to come up with a creative way to tell family out of state...I don't think a phone call will suffice...


Jules said...

Oh my God, you look great!!! I can't wait to pop!

Wow, that Tool guy is something else. What a jag!

a miracle 4 us said...

You look fab! I found target shirts to be awfully small as well. I am a medium everywhere but definitly a large (could do xl in some even) there. Crazy.
It's funny, now that I am pregnant I don't bite my tongue anymore when people start acting like tool. I really just say we are tha kful for where we are considering it took us 4.5 years. They usually (note usually) shut up then.

Bry said...

Ambs - I'm so happy for you two! Each passing week seems more and more exciting! OMG, I would have punched Tool in the face. I hope you don't have to hang out with him again any time soon.

I hope you at least had the Crystal Light Margarita drink mix afterwards! I haven't tried it, but I hear it's quite delicious, despite having no tequila. :)

Not sure how well food would travel, but I had a friend that made cupcakes and frosted them in the gender color. Perhaps you could do something similarly creative! :)


Anonymous said...

You kept your cool better than I would have with Tool, then again I too am hormonal :-). Sooooo happy for you guys! I too need to look at maternity clothes too. I'm tall so Target could actually work for me. My friend recommended I check out Zulily, they have great deals on maternity and kids clothes. Check it out.

Good luck and your bump is too cute!!!

Nichole said...

So excited for you, week 15 and only a few weeks before you find out what you are having :) We're house hunting too. We made an offer yesterday on a dream mid century modern. Hoping we get it (fingers crossed) Good luck with the home search!!

Nichole said...

Also, Tool is an a-hole. You have a ton of patience to even be in the same room with him!!!

MaryMargaret said...

You look so adorable! I found that Old Navy's maternity clothes fit so much better that Target's also. And they are pretty cute, too!

Sorry that your friends were such, well.... Tools! :)