Thursday, April 5, 2012

Traveling at 13 Weeks Pregnant

We headed off to Washington D.C. last week to take in the cherry blossoms. We planned the trip based on when the blossoms
should be blooming. Because you just can't plan everything in life, we missed the blossoms!! The warm weather made them bloom early this year, but it didn't stop us from enjoying our trip. D.C. is a profoundly moving city. Visiting made me feel humbled, blessed and thankful to live in such an amazing country. I am grateful for everyone who has and is currently serving our country in the armed forces.

While I mentally prepared for the obligatory walking around D.C., my body did not follow suit. I was EXHAUSTED after day one. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband who was fine with breaks on benches and naps. One funny story: our first morning on the mall, we arrived early before the Smithsonian Museums opened. Me and my 13 week pregnant bladder enjoy engaging in frequent urination. However, the mall is surrounded by federal buildings and if the Smithsonian is not open, there aren't many options for restrooms. I started eying up big bushes in front of federal buildings wondering if I could get away with dropping my pants without being arrested. With eyes watering from the urgency to urinate, we headed off in one direction thinking there would at least be a Starbucks somewhere. We came across a Holiday Inn 3 blocks away. Sweet relief! I have never been so happy to use a restroom!!

We took in all the beautiful sights and had decent weather. It was wonderful to get away and spend time together. Our last evening in D.C. we treated ourselves to a nice dinner. A quick back story: I won tickets to NYC a few years ago from the Food Network that included tickets to an Iron Chef taping. The competing chef from the taping we attended, Jose Andres, owns a restaurant named Zatinya in D.C. Being the slight foodies we are, we thought a trip to Jose's restaurant would be the perfect ending to our trip. Zaytinya serves Turkish, Greek and Lebanese inspired tapas. Sounds delicious doesn't it? It was fantastic food, according to my husband. For my pregnant belly, it was a bit too flavorful. Among my tapas, I sampled goat, lamb, brussel sprouts and mussels. Amazing atmosphere. Impeccable service. Beautifully prepared dishes. Savory food. Tough on a pregnant lady. Let's just say I will not be eating goat for the next 6 months.

As far as the pregnancy goes, there's not a whole lot to report. We got the official results back on our NT scan. Our chances of the genetic disorders they tested for are about 1:10,000. The nurse told me the results were as perfect as they come. (Still strange getting these positive results.) I'm starting to have a definite bump. As prominent as my bump has become, I've only gained 3 pounds. However, I'm starting to notice an increase in my appetite. I'm craving all things salty; my main craving is green olives. Weird, I know. I haven't had any nausea in a week. I'm still tired, but it's a lot more manageable than it was. I'm in love with my new maternity pants!! Incredibly comfortable! We don't have another OB appointment until next week. I think I need to become fast friends with someone who works in ultrasound at the hospital I work at; these 4 week waits in between appointments are a long wait!!! I just hope and pray everything is going well in there...


Nichole said...

Glad to hear you guys had a wonderful trip!! I have heard of people using the iPhone doppler app to hear their baby's heart beat. Not sure how far along you have to be though. Great news on the scan results :)

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Sounds like an Awesome trip! I just wanted to stop over and say Thank You so much for the prayers and kind comments, the support is amazing and truly is helping us heal! Have a great week!