Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Weekend Bites the Dust

Weekends seem to fly by! I cannot believe September is halfway over already...
I've been debated on whether to grow my hair longer or keep it short so I let it grow all summer. Although I have always wanted long hair, it just doesn't work on me. I made an appointment with my hilarious and talented hair dresser, E.C., to chop it and darken it for the fall. I feel like I have a new perspective on what's been going in our it was time for a change in my look as well! I'm tired of keeping quiet about our infertility issues. I must admit blogging has been an amazing release! I feel free.
We went on a date Saturday night to Ruth's Chris Steak House. DELICIOUS!! It's a chain restaurant and I would definitely recommend it if there is one near you. After filling ourselves with amazing food and drinks, we headed home to fill out our anniversary journal. Our anniversary was in June *Happy 5 Years!!* but we have been so busy we haven't had time to sit down and spend a few hours together reflecting over memories from the past year. It was a peaceful night filled with "us" time. We have had a fantastic year filled with friends, family, traveling, camping, a job promotion, new experiences, health, love and laughter. We've both worked very hard over the years to make our dreams a reality. There seems to be only one thing missing, but we are both hopeful that this is our year!! 29 was always the age I thought was perfect for starting a family (you know, back when I thought we could choose when we wanted these things to happen). Anyway, here's to this year being our year!
On to a fresh week! I am working a lot of hours the next 10 days. I am spending my one day off this week attending an IVF class on Thursday in Chattanooga. Unfortunately, Collin has to be in Atlanta on Thursday so I will be flying solo. I'm looking forward to the class because I am a planner (it's a 1:1 meeting with a nurse to get a full IVF schedule), but I'm a bit apprehensive because I have to drive there, attend the class and drive back by myself. There are so many unknowns with the whole process right now, it will be helpful to have exactly what our plan will look like on paper.
A special thank you to everyone who has written me emails, messages on here or sent FB messages. I'm behind in responding to everyone, but I wanted to say a quick thank you. I am very thankful for all the encouraging and understanding messages you have sent. They all mean a lot to both of us.

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stick said...

You will be in my thoughts Thursday. I hope all goes well!